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                                         Who is Annie Armstrong

                                                   by Kristen White



Each year, gifts to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering support missionary salaries and training, church planting, and evangelism efforts in North America. While you may have heard of the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, how much do you actually know about this incredible woman? Annie Walker Armstrong (1850-1938) was a remarkable advocate and supporter of missions. She lived in Baltimore, Maryland, during her 88 years of life. Influenced by her pastor and women important to her, Annie developed a passion for helping others in Jesus' name. Here are a few other facts: She was involved in ministries to children, poor, and sick people but also felt burdened that the church should do more to evangelize the world. In one year, Annie wrote 18,000 letters encouraging people to give to missions.

Annie used her hands to write those letters, and she also used her hands to hold her Bible and learn more about how God wanted her to show His love to others. She also folded her hands to pray

for people who needed to know about Jesus. We honor and imitate Annie's love for lost people when we give to the offering named for her.

Who is Lottie Moon

by National WMU

 Many Southern Baptists don’t know who Lottie Moon is or why their churches are constantly raising money for her at Christmas. Is Lottie Moon a creditor, like Sallie Mae or Freddie Mac?

Not at all. The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (LMCO) provides critical funding for Southern Baptists’ international missions efforts. An annual goal is set by the WMU Executive Board in consultation with the International Mission Board’s executive staff, allowing Southern Baptists to send and equip missionaries around the world. The offering is named for Lottie Moon, a missionary to China whose letters pleading for mission support still resonate today. She died December 24, 1912, after living a life of total sacrifice to God and the people of China. The LMCO can help reconnect Southern Baptists to the core of Christmas—Jesus was born to save the world. To raise LMCO awareness in your Adults on Mission group or other small group, download IMB videos. And spur prayer support by learning about the missionaries featured during the Week of Prayer for International Missions.


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